Margaret SavitskasMargaret A. Savitskas writes religion textbooks and teacher guides, as well as a wide variety of children’s books and resources for Catholic students, teachers, and parents. Margaret also served as a parish director of catechesis and sacramental formation for many years.

Her interest in the saints and angels began when she was 10 and found The Lives of the Saints in her grandmother’s bedroom. From those first sneak peeks to her master’s work in theology, through personal and professional joys and challenges, her familiarity and love of the saints and angels has enriched and guided her life.

Margaret enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and bird-watching.

From OSV: Angels of the Lord (with Catherine Odell)

Angels of the LordScripture is full of references to angels. In fact, Saint Gregory the Great, a sixth-century pope and biblical scholar, reminded the Church, “Nearly every page of Scripture testifies to the fact that there are angels and archangels. “ As Christians, we believe that angels have been given the sacred mission to assist, protect, and guide human beings and all of God’s creation.

With Angels of the Lord: 365 Reflections on Our Heavenly Guardians, you can spend every day of the year getting to know these mighty messengers of God.

From day to day, you’ll be fascinated and inspired by:

  • Scripture passages and Church teachings on angels
  • Stories of early martyrs who received courage and consolation from angels
  • Readings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who shaped teaching about angels
  • Anecdotes about saints who saw and spoke with angels
  • Accounts of ordinary people who had encounters with angels
  • Testimonies from great writers, artists, and musicians and their inspiration from angels

Angels are our very real and constant companions. They are our invisible but trustworthy mentors. Let them inspire and guide you daily. Week after week, these amazing heavenly creatures will coax you closer to God, to prayer, and the sure knowledge of our Creator’s endless love.

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