Mark C. McCannMark C. McCann is an author and Ministry Consultant with over 30 years of ministry experience to children, youth, and families on the parish and diocesan level. He has also worked as a host and producer on Christian radio and written for a number of Catholic magazines and websites including St. Anthony Messenger, Emmanuel Magazine, and Catholic Stand. He lives in Connecticut with his Proverbs 31 wife and has three incredible children. Each day he follows his call to be a man of words.

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To The Ends of the Earth: Character

What defines a Catholic man’s character?

There’s a simple answer: To be a man of Catholic character is to imitate Christ.

Before you say, “Who, me?” listen to author Mark C. McCann, who says that it’s not only possible, it’s the meaning of Catholic manhood. To the Ends of the Earth: Character guides you through ten essential Christlike traits and shows you how, with the help of the Word, the Spirit, and prayer, you can become the model of true Catholic character.

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To The Ends of the Earth: Action


Most guys want to be known as men of action — jumping in to help, to save, to win.

In To the Ends of the Earth: Action, author Mark C. McCann shows that you can indeed be a true man of action. He breaks your call to action down into ten of the most fundamental principles of the Catholic Faith. You’ll learn how to draw strength from the Eucharist, the sacraments, sacrifice, prayer, and other men, so that you can live a life of boldness, carrying the truth of the Gospel to your world.

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To The Ends of the Earth: Witness


In To the Ends of the Earth: Witness, author Mark C. McCann shows you ten ways that you can become a powerful and effective witness to the truth of the Catholic Faith — at home, with your kids, in your vocation, and on the road of life. Through prayer, study, worship, and the companionship of your brothers in Christ, you’ll discover ways to make this world a better place by being a man who represents Christ and his Church.

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To The Ends of the Earth: Legacy


In To the Ends of the Earth: Legacy, author Mark C. McCann gives Catholic men ten keys to leaving a Catholic legacy to a broken world. An eternal inheritance is waiting for everyone on earth, including you! Embracing the cross of Christ and our holy birthright will give you the strength to pass on your legacy to the next generation.

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