Susan TassoneSusan Tassone is a national award-winning and best-selling author who has long been a passionate champion for the holy souls in purgatory and is recognized as leading a worldwide “purgatory movement." Susan works tirelessly to raise donations for Masses for the holy souls, and she is a popular and frequent guest on radio and television shows. In 2013, she was featured in the groundbreaking documentary, Purgatory: The Forgotten Church.

She holds a master’s degree in religious education from Loyola University in Chicago and is a consultant for a major nonprofit philanthropic organization.

Susan had the honor and privilege of being granted two private audiences with Pope St. John Paul II, who bestowed a special blessing upon her and her ministry for the holy souls.

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OSV Books: St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Conversion of Sinners

St Faustina Prayer BookThroughout her Diary, St. Faustina speaks of Jesus' call for the conversion of souls. Through prayer and sacrifice, the Lord calls us all to strive for our own conversion, and for the conversion of the whole world.

CPAPerhaps you've tried everything to draw your friend or family member back to faith in God. In St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Conversion of Sinners, best-selling author Susan Tassone shows you how to place the lives of all you love into God's merciful hands. Known worldwide as leading the “purgatory movement,” Susan invites you to learn how to live the message of conversion daily, to avoid purgatory, and to become more faithful in praying for others.

Honored by the Catholic Press Association with a third-place award, "Collections of Prayers" category (2017).

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She’s the author of eight best-sellers, including: