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  • Tiny Saints Sidekicks - Lamby

    St. Agnes is beloved by many for her pure heart. Her name means “lamb” and her purity is symbolized by white wool. Every year, two lambs are honored on the feast of St. Agnes. They are carried in baskets with red and white flowers and placed before the pope for a special blessing. The wool of these lambs will later be used to make special garments for new archbishops. When life gets a little hard, we can find calm and peace thinking of St. Agnes and her special lambs.

    Item: TS2366
  • Tiny Saints Sidekicks - Bluebird

    St. Francis lived simply and loved being with God’s creation. He spent much of his time outdoors praying among the trees, animals and sunshine. One day, St. Francis asked his friends if he should continue his work as a preacher or spend more time alone in silent prayer. They told him, “You must continue to preach!” Francis was so excited by their answer that he immediately started preaching... to the nearby birds! To each bird he said, “In every beat of your wing and every note of your song, praise Him!”

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  • Tiny Saints Sidekicks - Bumblebee

    St. Abigail traveled the Irish countryside sharing the love of Christ and using honey to naturally treat illnesses and wounds. Bees and their honey hold an important place in Irish culture. Legend has it that Abigail once called her bees from their hives to chase off evil-doers! Some even say the bees miraculously changed into soldiers and their hives transformed into bronze helmets! Abigail cared for the less fortunate until she was called to Heaven. In Irish folklore, that is represented by... a flying bee!.

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  • Tiny Saints Sidekicks - Kitty

    St. Martin de Porres ran a shelter where he would care for the sick and poor, even sick animals! He loved all animals, but Martin knew there were too many mice running around the streets of his city. They were climbing in pots and scurrying through houses. The cats could not keep up with them! Legend has it that Martin asked the mice to kindly leave. Because of Martin’s gentle nature, the mice listened to him. The cats he cared for at his shelter were able to rest until they were strong enough to find new homes.

    Item: TS2369
  • As I Have Loved You-Sp Como Yo Los He Amado

    In Como Yo Los He Amado (As I Have Loved You), Christopher Ruff uses Scripture and stories of men and women touched by grace to illustrate this movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Written for small-group reflection, the resource is also suitable for individual use.

    Christopher Ruff
    Item: M23125709
  • The Greatest of These is Love

    In The Greatest of These is Love, Christopher Ruff reflects on key passages from the writings of St. Paul on love. He illustrates Paul’s themes through inspiring stories of men and women touched by grace. Written for small-group reflection, this resource is also suitable for individual use.

    Christopher Ruff
    Item: M23125716

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