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  • Mini House: Noah's Ark

    Set on a big wide boat spilling over with animals, Noah's Ark is a counting book that tells the story of Noah and his famous ark. One day the rain started to fall, two beasts of each kind too Noah's ark, three times he cried "Come on board!"

    Item: ING6628
  • Noah's Ark Wooden Shape Sorter

    Camels and kangaroos, monkeys and alligators are among the charming chunky animal pieces to sort into this wooden ark. The two-story ark features flip-open doors, twenty-six animal blocks, plus Noah and his wife!

    Item: ING7860
  • Works of Mercy Game

    4 games in 1!

    Great to teach ages 4 and up the 14 Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy through games that will capture a child's imagination through delightful illustrations of Jesus and children performing the Works of Mercy.

    Item: HH2271
  • Sacraments and Symbols Flash Card Set

    This outstanding educational photo flash card set includes the most recent definition and facts about each Catholic Sacrament and Symbol located on the back.

    Item: CU1658
  • Celebrating the Eucharist Bingo

    Children have fun as they develop a strong sense of Catholic identity. Set includes: 25 unique photo-bingo cards and cut-apart call-out cards with key definitions.

    Item: CU1655
  • My Mass Pop-Up Kit

    Unfold, assemble and play Mass! 14 sturdy cardboard pieces pop out to create a scene on the fold-out "altar."

    Item: CU5134
  • Brother Francis Adventure Catechism (Who is God) DVD

    The Adventure Catechism is an animated video catechism series that journeys through the Catholic faith.

    The program is comprised of 38 animated catechism videos featuring Brother Francis as the catechist and Gabriel and Maria as the students. Each video is accompanied by lesson plans, songs, activities, games, quizzes to reinforce learning.

    Item: BF2566

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