100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World

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“There is no evil to be faced that Christ does not face with us. There is no enemy that Christ has not already conquered. There is no cross to bear that Christ has not already borne for us, and does not now bear with us.”

Pope Saint John Paul II embodied these words throughout his life. Born May 18, 1920, in Wadowice, Poland, Karol Józef Wojtyła lived in times of political turmoil. As a young man during the Nazi occupation of Poland, he studied in an underground seminary. As pope, he was instrumental in the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. Through it all, he maintained an unwavering hope in the ultimate triumph of love, truth, and beauty. He remains a hero to millions of people for his unflinching defense of the Church and her teachings.

John Paul II changed the world in many ways; this book describes 100 of the most important. Each of the 100 accomplishments, teachings, or stories about John Paul II is fascinating, providing a glimpse into the astounding life and impact of this great and beloved saint.

Watch the author read a chapter from the book! (Filmed during the coronavirus quarantine)

“No one can deny that Pope Saint John Paul II had a staggering impact on the world. Among other things, he was a political visionary, a cultural influencer, an artist, a formidable thinker and theologian, and above all, a courageous shepherd of the people of God. Patrick Novecosky has done the Church and the world an invaluable service by highlighting 100 of the most important ways in which this beloved saint transformed the world by urging souls to ‘Be not afraid,’ and to allow themselves to fall deeply in love with Christ.” — Raymond Arroyo, EWTN News Director and New York Times bestselling author

“Pope Saint John Paul II was a leader in every sense — spiritual, moral, intellectual, and political. With vision, charisma, and most of all love, he exerted a profound and lasting influence on the Church and the world, and that influence continues today — 100 years after his birth. Of course, he changed the world in millions of ways that no book will ever be able to capture. But in 100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World, Patrick Novecosky offers a sweeping picture of the astonishing impact of this great man. Read this book and share it with everyone you know.” — Senator Rick Santorum

“I cannot think of anyone who has had a bigger impact on the world in recent years than Saint John Paul II. Patrick has masterfully described 100 ways in which this saint has brought about global change. This list is important as it reminds us of the changes that must be upheld and provides inspiration to those who want to bring about 100 more changes!” — Jeff Cavins, founder of The Great Adventure Bible Study

“To many, Saint John Paul II was the only pope they knew while growing up. However, many younger Catholics have yet to discover the greatness of his life and legacy. In his book 100 Ways John Paul II Changed the World, Patrick Novecosky offers a wealth of stories and examples that will rekindle devotion in all for this tremendous saint!” — Jason Evert, author of Saint John Paul the Great and Theology of the Body in One Hour

“Patrick entered the winner’s circle when he wrote this book, unpacking the historical papacy of Saint John Paul into 100 topics that reveal the breadth, depth, and beauty of his long pontificate. Thorough, well-researched and documented, yet easily readable, 100 Ways unveils the brightness of John Paul’s soul, the brilliance of his mind, and the boldness of his travels and initiatives such as World Youth Days. Behind every gesture, every prayer, every innovation, every apostolic trip, every bold move was John Paul’s simple, childlike, trusting faith in both God and mankind. Patrick’s personal stories and memories of Saint John Paul enhance this riveting journey through a unique papacy, and leave you awed, inspired and thankful for this saintly pontiff.” — Joan Lewis, EWTN’s Rome Bureau Chief

“A fascinating and enjoyable commentary, rich with insights into the many facets and feats of the inimitable Pope John Paul II.” — Patrick Madrid, host of the Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio

“Novecosky has done a superb job pulling together many of the threads in Saint John Paul II’s life. At the heart of this story, you will see the fruit of a life lived from a place of encounter with Jesus Christ. There is something in 100 Ways for everyone — I highly recommend it!” — Curtis Martin, founder, Fellowship of Catholic University Students

“In 1997, Patrick Novecosky and I were both in Rome for the first time. Over pizza and gelato, we spoke of what it would be like to meet the saintly Polish pope. Days later Patrick was blessed to meet him while I missed the opportunity because I ate too much gelato and got sick! Now in this delightful book, my longtime friend has reminded me of why John Paul II was so great and why he remains one of my greatest heroes. I highly recommend this book to everyone. John Paul II, we still love you!” — Very Rev. Donald Calloway MIC, Vicar Provincial, Marian Fathers

“A brilliant glimpse into an extraordinary life! Flipping through the pages of 100 Ways was like looking at a photo album of Saint John Paul II’s life. Each short story paints a picture of an amazing accomplishment in the life of this modern-day saint and shows how everything he did was rooted in relationship — his relationship with countries and world leaders, religious and laity, saints and sinners, children and elderly, fathers and mothers, authors, artists, women, teenagers, and ultimately his relationship with Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother. This book opened my eyes to the incredible depth of influence Saint John Paul II had on the world and made me realize that treating everyone we meet with openness, respect, and tenderness is how we can evangelize each and every day!” — Kelly Wahlquist, founder of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization, author of Created to Relate: God’s Design for Peace and Joy

“A beautiful tribute to an exceptional human being. Whether you are a longtime fan of Saint John Paul II, or just beginning to learn about his world-changing legacy, this book is a must-read!” — Danielle Bean, brand manager of CatholicMom.com

“A unique collection of short, historic snapshots of Pope John Paul II’s life and thought, 100 Ways is a delightful blend of history, commentary, and quotes from the pope himself. Extremely readable, engaging, and inspiring, it’s a perfect gift, and a book of gems you will return to again and again.” — Vinny Flynn, speaker and author of Seven Secrets of the Eucharist

“The pontificate of Pope John Paul II will be remembered for many things, ranging from his voluminous writings to his impact on world history. It is because his legacy is so daunting that we need a book that compresses his life into an easily readable format. This is what Patrick Novecosky has done. He has made John Paul II’s pontificate accessible to everyone, and for that we can all be grateful.” — Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

“I thank my friend Patrick Novecosky for a fantastic book — eminently readable, overflowing with the pope’s own words, recounting so many aspects of his astounding life, both internal and external, and reminding us that we must not miss out on the lessons of a pope and saint whom God placed right in our midst.” — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life


Patrick Novecosky is one of America’s most accomplished Catholic communicators. The winner of more than two dozen awards from the Catholic Press Association, he has edited and written for some of America’s top Catholic publications. Patrick is managing partner at NovaMedia, a marketing firm specializing in the Catholic space. He met Pope Saint John Paul II five times, and he has made Pope Francis laugh out loud. Most importantly, he is a husband and father of five beautiful children.


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