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Bridging the Gap Between Art and Your Creator

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Product Description

If you've ever struggled with that longing in your heart to make something great, then this book is for you. If you wrestle with your ideas all day long, unsure if there's a group of creative people out there who share your particular brand of weird, then this book is for you. If you've ever stared at the empty page or canvas or screen, not knowing where to begin or whether any of it matters, this book is for you.

With contributions from thought leaders like Bishop Robert Barron, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and Christopher West, to artists working at Disney and Dreamworks, this book takes that angst and points to a North Star. Before you lay another stroke on the canvas, type another letter, or strum another chord, take a moment to open this book. Find the way that God speaks to you, calling you to do the work for which you were Created.

For the past 10 years, Likable Art has been helping incredible ministries further their missions by making beautiful media.

We believe that culture is shaped by art and we're passionate about supporting, encouraging, and educating artists working in the trenches. To all creatives, tinkerers, and makers, we believe that you and your work can change the world one heart at a time.


Pages 128
Copyright 2019
ISBN 978-0-692-98951-7
Item LA9517

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