He Leads, I Follow: The Life of Mother  Maria Theresia Bonzel

He Leads, I Follow

The Life of Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel  

P. Lothar Hardick, O.F.M.
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In every age there can be found persons whose hearts yearn for life in God, and from among these the Holy Spirit calls noble, generous souls to do His work. A beautiful example of this is Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel, foundress of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Olpe, Westphalia, Germany. Mother Maria Theresia was one of God’s special instruments, chosen to promote the ideals of Christian charity and piety. She lived by the words, “He leads; I follow.”

In this reprinted edition of He Leads, I Follow, you will come to appreciate Mother Maria Theresia’s endurance, patience, and goodness in meeting and carrying out her mission in life. You will learn about the history of her Community from her personal records, her instructions in preparing sisters for their profession, letters written to superiors, ecclesiastical, and civil authorities.

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