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Inside the Sacraments, Episode 1

The Holy Eucharist DVD


Product Description

The Holy Heroes Adventure Guides take you inside the Bible, back in time, and behind the scenes to teach you all about the Holy Eucharist!

If you have kids aged 5 - 12, you'll really like this DVD!

One reviewer said: “I liked that you are not afraid of tackling th e nuts and bolts of the faith on a deeper level. You present the concepts in a way that is appropriate for the age level without leaving out important facts. In other words -- it isn't watered down, but just simplified.”

Another DRE said simply: "Kids love the humor, and adults love the rich catechetical content."

Our children teach your children about:

  • The manna in the desert and the Eucharist today
  • Moses and the Messiah: what the Jews of Jesus’ time really expected the Messiah to do
  • The Passover Lamb and Jesus – how they are alike, how they are different
  • The Israelites’ tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the Bread of the Presence – wow!
  • The Last Supper and the Mass – what’s going on (and what is a child to do)?
  • Miracles of the Eucharist that will inspire children
  • BONUS segment: Adoration, Exposition, and Benediction explained!

Running time: 49 minutes plus bonus material. Not rated.


Copyright 2018
ISBN 978-1-936330-05-8
Item HH2278

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