Paddle Tales

Paddle Tales

Children's Stories on Orderliness  

June Sanders and Anne Marie Crum
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We are thrilled to announce Paddle Tales: Stories on Orderliness! This book was created to engage kids ages 4-7 to understand the character strength of Orderliness with carefully-written stories about two lovable twin beavers.

This children's book has three parts:

  • Three engaging, funny stories on Orderliness
  • Questions for kids at the end of each story
  • Kid-friendly tips on living Orderliness day-to-day

These stories will take your child on an adventure about what it means to be too orderly, not orderly enough, and just the right amount of being orderly. This book is all about planting the seeds of character strengths in their hearts, and is the perfect activity for them to enjoy learning virtue alongside you.

After years of research, we know that character strengths are one of the happiest and healthiest ways for families to thrive. Character strengths give us better family unity, a healthy conscience, habitual selflessness, and willpower.


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