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Parenting Bundle

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Being a parent is tough work; raising Catholic children in the Faith may seem impossible. Today’s Catholic parents need access to the best tools and most up-to-date research to help them fully cooperate with God’s grace.

That’s what Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak seek to help you do in Parenting Your Kids with Grace & Parenting Your Teens and Tweens with Grace.

Practical, faithful, and humorous, Parenting Your Kids with Grace addresses four key questions:

  1. Are Catholic families called to be different from other families in the way we relate to one another in the home? If so, how?
  2. What does an authentic, family-based approach to Catholic spirituality look like in practice?
  3. What can the latest research tell us about creating a faithful home and raising faithful kids?
  4. How can Catholic families be outposts of evangelization and positive social change?

Parenting Your Teens and Tweens with Grace will help you:

  1. Discover proven strategies for raising happy, faithful, loving preteens and teens
  2. Overcome common parenting problems from ages 11 to 18
  3. Create an uncommonly close, joyful family life
  4. Experience your faith as the source of the warmth in your home

By checking our basic assumptions about parenting against both the Church’s vision and what science can teach about living out that vision in healthy ways, we can discover God’s plan for parenting healthy, godly kids.


Package Components: Parenting Your Teens and Tweens with Grace (Ages 11 to 18) , Parenting Your Kids with Grace (Birth to Age 10)

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