The Nature of the Human Soul

The Nature of the Human Soul

Philisophical Anthropology & Moral Theology  

Sr. Mary Angelica Neenan, O.P.
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An introduction to the nature of the human soul is necessary for any study of Moral Theology. This book, The Nature of the Human Soul: Philosophical Anthropology & Moral Theology, analyzes the nature of the faculties of the soul, with special emphasis on the intellect, will, and emotions as the primary faculties for human action. Using Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas’s classical teachings, Sr. Mary Angelica Neenan, O.P., describes the faculties according to their natures and operations, with a view toward discussing the complications of human choices and actions. A larger section on the nature of human freedom is given as the second part of the book. Freedom is the centerpiece for a study on the discussion of morality. The Nature of the Human Soul is intended to prepare the student for further study into the nature of morality itself and the necessary connection with the teaching of the Gospel and the action of grace in the soul.


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